Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

Chip Ahoy's 2010 Cape Cod Cruise

July 21 - Aug 5, 2010

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Back at the same slip, this evening I finally caught some shots of the terns that flock just before sunset.   (Jul. 31, 2010)

On my way out from the harbor to Plymouth Bay heading for Scituate I came upon a paddlewheeler, actually passed it eventually before we reached the bay. Below are some scenes of the trip.  (Aug. 1, 2010)

The slip I was assured was reserved for me this morning wasn't; somebody in the harbormaster's office screwed up, left me stranded. I got a mooring just off the dock instead; any port in a storm, as they say. Actually, I enjoyed the extra privacy on the mooring. It came with free launch service and all the amenities of the harbormaster's office (showers, etc.)

The next morning the weather forecast called for showers and thunderstorms, so I decided to stay for another day, relax.  (Aug. 2, 2010)

With a small craft advisory posted from noon until midnight, SW wind gusts forecast up to 30 knots, I decided to stay put for another day. Getting from Scituate to Marblehead is a long day across open Massachusetts Bay and the 15-mile wide Boston shipping channel. I was quite windy when I got up, and got stronger as the day went on. Good call, I think.  (Aug. 3, 2010)


Weather Forecast 101:  Look out the window. The flag on the boat moored behind me had been shredded. The post-dawn NOAA/NSW/and harbormaster's forecasts sounded iffy; still strong SW winds, gusts to 30 mph, seas 3-5 feet. I decided to spend another day.  (Aug. 4, 2010)

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