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- The Kitty Door Project -

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With winter again approaching, I gave thought to the cats neither of them mine, but they adopted me as their home away from home years ago.  Gilly, the big orange tabby, belongs to Barbara; Ozzie, the gray tiger cat who I called "Slick" when he first appeared years ago, belongs to another neighbor.  Slick shows up early every morning, often spends the day on the living room couch. The two are great buddies, most of the time.

A few years ago I put a screened kitty door into the sliding screen door, which works great during the warmer months, but I still need to close and lock the sliding glass door at night.  During past winters, I'd have to either leave the door open a crack or watch for them and let them in and out.

I came up with a plan:  A plywood panel that would fit within the door track, with a hole cut into its bottom covered with another kitty door.

I cut the plywood to precise size, then the hole in it. I primed and painted the outside with a couple coats of maroon exterior latex, the inside primed and painted with a couple coats of interior latex. I cut and fit a strip of wood to fit within the track, painted it. I added weather stripping around all its edges and between the plywood and glass door to make it air-tight. Then I mounted the kitty door, waited and watched.

Gilly has a kitty door at his home across the yard, so it didn't take him long to figure it out. Now he comes and goes any time of the day and night his little heart desires.

Slick was another story:  He doesn't have a kitty door at home, though was used to coming and going through the screen. It took him a while longer (and some coaxing) to figure out he could pass through a solid door as well but once he did, he's now in and out all day too.  (Nov. 8, 2010)

  Even the wild turkeys now want in especially since I replaced the kitty door
with a larger one the cats can squeeze through easier!

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