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Winter Snows of 2010-2011 Arrive

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December 23, 2010

Overnight we got our second taste of the coming season's snow, another "dusting" of a few inches. A couple nights ago we had our first, I'd just finished clearing out my paths with the snowblower in time for round two.  (Dec. 23, 2010)

This  time I didn't bother with the snowblower, just used a shovel. The other day, the snowblower was more pushing the snow than blowing it. The trusty shovel worked fine for this, pushing-lifting-tossing aside.

The path between my house and Barbara's back door -- for her convenience of her and our cat, "Gillie."

The most important of all paths: The one out to the firewood wood racks from the sliding glass kitchen door. Heating almost exclusively by a wood stove, it's critical to have this route clear.

The firewood wood racks and hauling carts.

The firewood wood racks, with Chip Ahoy parked and covered alongside the house.

Chip Ahoy beneath its winter tarps.

Apparently there wasn't enough snow to plow -- the plow trucks didn't stop by to clear the driveway the other day or today either.

The path around back, beyond the lean-to that covers a stack of back-up firewood on pallets and the snowblower.

The Blizzard of 2010: December 26-27, 2010
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