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The Third Blizzard of 2011

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January 27, 2011

Ah well, morning in New England winter, greeted with another blizzard. Time to start moving snow from one place to another again.  (Jan. 27, 2011)

The forecast was for 6-8 inches, but this appears to be considerably more that that.

A look out the front door confirms my expectation -- more snowfall than predicted.

Chip Ahoy, beyond the far front porch windows.

Even though I realize I'll need to get out there soon and start moving it again, that virgin snowfall admittedly sure looks pretty.

Yep, more than the forecasted 6-8 inches fell overnight.

Poor Chip Mate the Dinghy is looking more and more like an Igloo.

Rick and Cindy, our neighbors across the street, finally broke down and got some help moving their snow, but even their friend's plow is having a tough time at it. This doesn't look good . . .

Chip Ahoy is doing well, as usual. This light snow cover is likely due again to the strong wind last night; it's still gusting over 35 mph.

Inside the kitchen with the wood stove blazing, it's cozy -- quite a contrast with the outdoor view beyond.

Ah, maybe one more cup of coffee before my attack commences . . .

The backyard and birdfeeders; more paths to clear ahead.

From the back deck, the old paths out to the shed and birdfeeder are almost no longer recognizable, the picnic table near-buried.

Let the games begin again -- yours truly moving snow again, just after Donovan's plow guy arrived and cleared most of the lot out front.

Suited up, ski-pants and all, for this big one. If that plowed mountain behind me gets any bigger and further out, I won't get the boat out until maybe July!

The sideyard paths cleared too, and the snowblower's still working!

The "rebuilt" snowblower made it through its first major storm without breaking down!

The Boston Globe
Friday, January 28, 2011

Heavy burden won’t be lifted soon
Region isn’t taking massive snow accumulation lightly

By Eric Moskowitz

Through yesterday, the weather station at Logan International Airport had recorded 38.3 inches of snow for the month — more than triple the average for the first 27 days of January — and 60.3 inches total for the season. Boston had 35.7 inches of snow for the winter of 2009-10, the National Weather Service said....

The latest snowfall prompted meteorologists and public officials to speak of the winter of 1995-96, which brought a record 107.6 inches at Logan, where local climate marks are tallied. With four days remaining, January 2011 has already made its mark as Boston’s third-snowiest January — less than 5 inches off the record 43.1 of January 2005 — and the sixth snowiest month ever, just behind March 1993.

“We’re up with some very high-class snow months at this point,’’ said William Babcock, a National Weather Service meteorologist, adding that a dusting this weekend could add to the month’s tally, while the next significant storm on the horizon should not reach Boston until next week, after February begins. That could boost a season total that is already well over the 41.8-inch norm for a full Boston winter and keep 2010-11 nipping at the heels of the 1995-96 season record.

Virtually all of the snow this winter has fallen since Christmas, and only that first storm was followed by warm days.

“We haven’t had melt since then,’’ said Transportation Commissioner Thomas J. Tinlin, calling the snow piled at Boston street corners the most daunting since 1995-96.

January 28, 2011

The morning after brought a bright sunrise -- and the satisfaction that those four-and-a-half hours of moving snow yesterday has again paid off.

Barbara loves the "fairyland" path between our back doors. This morning was even more mystical, with the fresh snow sparkling like gems.

The front corner of Barbara's house has the first snow wave we've ever seen!

The walkway from the street to Barbara's front porch, usually pretty much sheltered by the spruce trees, also had to be snowblown yesterday along my usual route.

God, where will the next storm -- due by next mid-week -- be put? Already the furthest wood rack -- fortunately now empty -- is blocked, and Chip Ahoy behind the mountain looks forlorn as I've ever seen it.

Gilly the Cat is thrilled for the paths so he can get out an patrol the yard, do his hunting.

I don't know which appreciates my efforts more:  the birds and squirrels or Gilly who gets to chase them.

Lots of room to roam -- all things considered.

A view from the back deck/balcony.

Glad I won't need that window air-conditioner for a while!

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