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The "One-Two Punch" Blizzard(s)

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February 1-2, 2011

This winter the storms never end, just suspend for a couple of days, and then comes the next. What the weathermen are calling "a one-two punch" -- two coming back to back with a few hours respite, has arrived.  (Feb. 1, 2011)

The winter from hell launched its latest assault at about 8:15 this morning.

The wild turkeys hiked in early looking for a meal while they could still move to reach my wildlife soup kitchen. The pot of water, a recent addition to my adoption program, is greatly appreciated -- beats chewing snow.

Inside the kitchen bunker it's cozy, the wood stove blazing as usual, plenty of firewood racked in anticipation.

More cozy kitchen, shelter from the storm.

The wild turkeys seem content enough, though one keeps peering through the door as if he'd like to come in and warm up for a while.

By evening the snow had begun to let up, so I headed out, fired up the snowblower, and moved what had fallen.

Today's snowfall was about eight inches of light fluffy stuff, easy to move.

What's coming next, starting in a few hours -- the right-hook -- is supposed to be heavy, wet, turning to sleet, maybe even rain at the end.

Alright, ready for the next punch.

At least I can reach the firewood racks across the lot again, when necessary.

Ah well, another productive day in New England winter, just a lot more snowed moved around and out of the way. What will tomorrow bring?

The Cleanup Continues: February 3, 2011
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