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Aw Geez, Thaw and Freeze

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February 6, 2011

Melt and freeze arrived overnight, with a thunderstorm and lightning.  (Feb. 6, 2011)

The lot is solid ice, hard as concrete.

What's sitting on the ground is going to be around for a while, maybe until spring.

The front path over which I need to pull the firewood cart is smooth anyway, if encrusted in inches of ice.

It was funny watching the cats trying to negotiate the ice.

When they're having this much trouble, four legs and all, it's time to watch your step.

Even when they're squaring off to assert themselves, legs are splaying.

Definitely a Yaktrax situation.

We're not going anywhere today, of until a better melt.

At least Barbara's roof is looking good, better than yesterday.

The street down to the dock needs more sanding.

It's going to take a sand spreader in here too before we're going to get out.

The neighbors' cats, Gilly and Ozzie, jockey for position beneath the cleared roof, behind its pile now on the front step. I should have moved it while I could.

As the snow and ice sinter old layers of bird seed are appearing, so I don't need to toss out any more.

There will be no no further clearing necessary for a while.

Uh oh, the downspout needs to be liberated; melting roof snow is leaking from its gutter connection.

There, now it can add to the icepack along the path, wonderful.

We've reached a point where what is, is. Everything's frozen in place.

Inside the front porch stays pretty warm from the sun.

I'm glad I got a little of the roof cleared while I could; it's gradually melting more from just radiation heat.

What an ice pack.

Ozzie looks a bit overwhelmed by the tundra too.

A skating rink of sorts.

Beneath the lean-to out back, the situation is basically hopeless. Keeping the snow off has become near impossible.

Tough sledding out there.

The wild turkeys have arrived for their hand-out.

Only two of them this afternoon.

They appreciate the pot of water as much as the sunflower seeds I toss around for them.



A nice break from chewing snow, I guess.

February 7, 2011

Bob Donovan's guy driving the front-end loader arrived this morning, moved some of the heavy snow around the lot.  (Feb. 7, 2011)

Finding space to pile it before the next storm is, like everywhere else these days, becoming a real problem.

He stacked it back and as high as the machine's bucket could lift, widened the front door parking space, smoothed out the path from the wood racks for the firewood cart.

Yeah, Chip Ahoy is still behind the mountain, still holding up well under its tarps and PVC frame.



It's beginning to feel like the boat will remain alongside the house well into early summer this year!


February 10 & 11, 2011

My buddy Ace and I came up with the idea the other night of "planting a flag" atop the new mountain, when he saw how high it'd become.  (Feb. 10, 2011)

So I dug out the "Betsy Ross 13-star" flag of the American revolution yesterday morning, climbed up to the top, and planted it.

I couldn't plant it at the mountain's summit -- the summit is now up into the tree branches, but I did the best that I could.

An afternoon shot today just before sunset. The photos below were taken the next day (Feb. 11), with a little breeze.

The Mid-February Thaw . . .
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