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The Last February Snowfall of 2011

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February 27, 2011

We've had a reprieve from snow for an entire week but for a light dusting of a few inches a day or two ago, but we're not about to get out of February without a bit more.  (Feb. 27, 2011)

This final February snowfall began last night and this morning it's still coming down steadily. It's supposed to end by late morning, but the predicted accumulation of 3-4 inches has already been exceeded.

Now the forecast is for 6-7 inches, but at least it seems to be of the light, fluffy variety; it shouldn't be too difficult to move around.

One of the numerous cardinals eyes the birdfeeder for his early breakfast.

Chip Ahoy is comfortable beneath its tarp, safe from its coating of snow.

The empty wood racks moved out of the way are beginning to line up, now up to five of eight with still a few months of cold wood stove weather ahead.

The hanging bird feeders out back wearing a cap of snow.

The town snowplows are out early clearing the streets and sanding the hill. It's time to get out there and move the snow again, clear my paths.

It went relatively easily this time, and the Sears snowblower actually made it through the entire job without breaking down again -- almost a record, certainly rare!  (Feb. 28, 2011)

Now that the mallard ducks have returned, I'm back to tossing out some cracked corn for the flock's twice -daily visits. Spring must not be too far off!

The path cleared across the yard again to Barbara's back door.

The path cleared across the front of my house to the wood racks across the lot.

The mountain blocking Chip Ahoy is still impressive, but has in fact shrunk down to about seven feet.

The dinghy is still identifiable, not to be confused with an igloo.

The cleared lot, from the street.

Gilly accompanies me during my photo shoot.

I'm down to the last two full racks of firewood, with a month-plus ahead. It's going to be cutting the supply close this year.

I hope that mountain melts away in the next month so I can get the boat out and move it out front.

At the moment, this would appear unlikely without a serious increase in temperature pretty soon.

The superhighway from the remaining wood racks to the sliding glass kitchen door at the far side of the house.

Pre-Spring 2011 - An Evaluation
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