Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts


- The Dinghy Project -

What's a sailboat without a dinghy?

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A close-up of the aft-port corner rail.

A close-up of the port bow rail.

The gunwale rail will need to be replaced.

I've pulled or cut the fastening nails and drilled out the old rivets to remove the rotted rail, then began stripping the old paint using 5F5 paint remover.  (Aug 9, 2003)

I discovered a couple of hairline cracks in the bottom that will need to be repaired, along with re-fiberglassing the skeg.

The paint removal and initial sanding is complete and the fiberglassing has begun. The Dyer 7.9 dhow originally had a translucent bottom, the manufacturer told me. It was designed to hang above-deck of a large boat, the bottom letting through light. In spots beneath the paint the translucence is visible.

I've reglassed the skeg and the  crack along the centerline, and filled some of the smaller cracks, scratches and gouges with epoxy.

What's a sailboat without a dinghy ... or a dhow!


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