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The never-ending project to fill my hole in the ocean while bailing it out

Preparing for Sailing Season '06
Reconditioning the Kenyon 126 Marine Stove

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Last summer during my Maine cruise I had problems with the left burner on my Kenyon Marine model 126 pressurized alcohol stove, the one I use most frequently for percolating coffee after moving it out onto the starboard-side cockpit seat for lighting (whew, that initial flare-up needs to happen outside).  Apparently the gallon of denatured alcohol I'd bought the year before had gone bad:  when I last filled the tank just before the problem began, I noted that it'd turned "tea-colored," probably rust I now surmise.  (Mar. 28, 2006)

I replaced the gallon of alcohol at a hardware store up in Boothbay Harbor and dumped the old supply.  The problem persisted, so I fell back on using the right burner and planned to look into it over the winter.  Yesterday the time had arrived.


Kenyon Marine has been fantastic with customer support.  When I first called them in 2003 for instructions (after scaring myself half to death on first trying to light the stove, with its flare-up -- fortunately I'd first removed it from the boat and had a garden hose at-the-ready!), not only did they send directions and a schematic (see link at left) but provided free-of-charge a new air-pump washer, "the first thing to go," I was told.  I've stored it somewhere for safe-keeping -- I've come across it a number of times -- but haven't been able to find it in the boxes of "winter storage" while searching for it.  But that isn't my problem now anyway.

I disassembled the entire unit down to its smallest parts, both burners right down to the tank, cleaned every tiny piece with acetone -- removed a layer of what appeared to be rust from many of them -- then reassembled it.  Still the burners didn't work correctly, but I had rearranged the holes in the burner flange, lining them up.  This morning I put them back to roughly where I'd found them:  slightly off-center.  The stove now works!

The stove reassembled and working almost like new!  (I finally found the new air-pump rubber washer/gasket and replaced it too.)

Moving on with Season 2006 improvements
It's never-ending ... but spring has arrived and Sailing Season '06 is in sight

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