Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

The never-ending project to fill my hole in the ocean while bailing it out

Pop-Top Cover (Curtain)
Like New
Hardly -- if ever -- used

$395.00 or best offer

It's been stored in my sail closet since I bought the boat and brought it home in 2002.  I never use the pop-top, so have never used this curtain.  I've never even unfolded it until today.  I was surprised at its condition:  "Like new" hardly describes it -- like the day it was made is closer.  I honestly don't believe it has ever been used, from all indications.  The fabric and stitching are perfect; the windows are as clear and flexible as new, no cracks or even scratches.  The zippers and snaps are in excellent condition.

From the Catalina Direct website:

For the first generation Catalina 22 built through hull #13142.

The pop top curtain provides protection from the elements in any weather. Since the curtain covers the entire pop top, rain cannot enter from the top. Fabric extends down the companionway with a zipper up the middle. Although possible, it is not necessary to insert the crib boards for the curtain to keep the weather out. It attaches to the doghouse using a series of snaps installed in the deck just above the windows. This series of snaps extends in a horizontal line around the entire doghouse forward of the mast. A zipper extends from the mast forward to the leading edge so the curtain can surround the mast. The entire horizontal portion of the doghouse is covered. Additional storage space is created surrounding the mast for use at night to free up berths for sleeping.

Fixed flexible plastic windows are installed port and starboard. They brighten the interior and make it easy to check how you're swinging at anchor.

Caution: Don't open the pop top while sailing in anything but the lightest breeze. it is a huge hole in the deck and an obvious safety hazard in a knock down.

Pop Top Curtain Windows
C-22 '69 thru '85
Product #: D1201
Catalina Direct Price:  $567.05

Save  $172.05

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Label:  ADLEE Mfg. Corp
Santa Ana, CA
Boat-Tops and Covers
(714) 542-8806
The vinyl windows are like brand new, clear and fog-free, no scratches. Closeup of windows.


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Sold: December, 2010