Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

Chip Ahoy's 2009 Abbreviated Cruise
The incomplete Cape Cod Cruise

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Aboard for the night on Chip Ahoy's mooring, with the cruise ahead.  (Aug. 3, 2009)

Below in the cabin, lit with the oil lamp and new LED light over my bunk, better to read by. I spent a few hours organizing before turning in for the night.

I got an early start off the mooring, on my way for Scituate at 7:45 am. The air was dead calm, the ocean utterly flat, but conditions were forecast to improve.  (Aug. 4, 2009)

Crossing the Boston Harbor shipping channel fog, at least thick haze, began to move in.

Behind, the sky was still clear, not a hint of fog.  Chip Ahoy and I were heading into it, but I was confident it would lift as the sun rose higher and the air warmed.

I started out running the outboard under main sail and genoa, but furled the head sail when it began doing more damage than good. While the main was merely luffing, the genoa was flogging itself to death.

An outgoing freighter leaving Boston well behind as it heads south along the coast (beyond it lost in the fog); a lobster pot buoy floats between us.

What looked like a nasty squall came out off the coast of Cohasset, ahead. Nothing but good weather was forecast. I pulled out my foul weather jacket, closed up the boat, and prepared for it. It eventually sort of dissipated and blew over just ahead of Chip Ahoy.

Approaching the sea buoy off the entrance to Scituate Harbor, I encountered a big regatta. I later learned it was a local qualification race for the Junior Olympics, made up of some 200 local boats.

Chip Ahoy and I arrived at the Scituate town dock at 2:15 pm, were directed to a perfect slip where I intended to remain for two nights before moving on down to Plymouth Harbor next.  (Aug. 4, 2009)

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