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Chip Ahoy's 2006 Cape Cod Cruise

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I left the Sandwich Marina and headed to Plymouth in a confusing chaos of chop from outgoing canal current, incoming ocean, and huge cruisers passing by under what must have been full-power.  Once outside the canal, the seas were still pretty dirty.  (Aug 13)

On the road to Plymouth.

When I pulled into Plymouth Harbor, there were hands waiting to assist with my docking:  Doris, Bob and Obie, left to right.  We became quick if transient friends.  Besides getting me coffee fixings (then refusing to accept my payment for them), Doris also handed me a great pair of shorts she bought for Bob that don't fit.  The fit me quite nicely -- in fact, I'm still wearing them, love them!

I asked Bob to catch a shot of me -- something I'd been forgetting to do day after day. 

In a close-up, there's me and my constant companion, the Ace bandage holding my ribs together.  Whenever I think back to this trip, I'll remember being kept under wraps for its duration, but it got me through it.

Sunrise over Plymouth the next morning though the Olympus point-and-shoot digital.  (Aug. 14)

That same sunrise moments later using the Nikon 35mm digital SLR.

Historic Plymouth Rock (or what little remains of it) was located just off the marina and Chip Ahoy.  When coming in, I radioed for directions.  I was asked where I was.  I replied, "Just off Plymouth Rock."  Directions followed easily.  A replica of the Mayflower is docked just to the right but out of this photo.

After a troublesome five or so minutes of running aground trying to get out of  the marina (after just warning Bob and Doris of the grounding I saw the last time I was here a few years ago), I made it out of the torturously winding channel to the ocean about 45 minutes later and was on my way to Scituate.

It was a nasty sail in the end, with winds picking up and seas building.  I had a choice:  push Chip Ahoy to its limits and get there fast, or play it safe and hope for the best.  I decided it was going to get worse as the day went on and pushed for all the speed I could squeeze out of the boat.  I believe I got into the breakwater none too soon.  Even then, the winds were powerful.  (Aug. 15)

The next evening my longtime friends, Norm and Joan Paley of Scituate, came down for a visit.  I took them out to dinner.

I ended up spending an extra day in Scituate, but the trip home -- the final leg -- went very well with more favorable winds.  (Aug. 17)

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