Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

My Second Experience Was Better!
The Idle Hours II (1978-79)

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At the dock at Great Bridge after an overnight.  (Oct. 20, 1978)

Good ole Rip -- you just couldn't calm him down during the cruise!  (Oct. 20, 1978)

Waiting for the Hobucken Bridge to be repaired; our first taste of hot weather, and "Pungo River Punch"!  Note the Jolly Roger is still flying proudly.  (Oct. 22. 1978)

As planned, when we reached Charleston, South Carolina, our girlfriends flew down to meet us and spend a couple of days.  L-R, Brad, Linda, Alison and yours truly.  (Oct. 28, 1978)

After the ladies went back home we took off again, reaching Fernandina Beach, Florida.  (Nov. 1, 1978)

The "We Made It To Florida" party among the crew.

With the last tides of any significance (one foot) heading south, we decided to beach the Idle Hours II here and now and repair the minor leaks in the planks.  Poring over the charts, this was the last place to do it, off St. Augustine, Florida.  (Nov. 3, 1978)

The last shot of the full crew. Jeff and John were leaving for home.  (Nov. 7, 1978)

Michael and Brad topside in Manatee Pocket, FL -- St. Lucie Inlet.  (Nov. 8, 1978)

A private antique auto car museum along the Ft. Lauderdale Canal.  (Nov. 10, 1978)

I was stunned when Alison called the night before we reached Ft. Lauderdale.  She had sold daddy's Volkswagen gift, dropped out of Endicott College, booked herself a flight, and would be meeting us the next day.  She was coming down to cruise with us the rest of the way to the Keys, by god!   Here's Alison aboard along the Tamiami River in Miami, Florida  (Nov. 13, 1978)

Sunset off Pumpkin Key.  (Nov. 13, 1978)

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